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Who we are

In 2020, Actions Interculturelles celebrated 30 years, marked by hundreds of projects, events, research studies and training programs designed to promote the richness of cultural diversity. Whether they are aimed at seniors, women, youth or increasing employability, all our actions support a single goal: sharing between our various communities, whether they are from here or elsewhere, so that all of us may live well, together, in a single community – our host country! By encouraging socio-cultural and economic integration, Actions Interculturelles promotes a society enriched by its diversity, be it within the Eastern Townships, throughout Canada or abroad.


  • Develop intercultural education and training activities in diversity management;
  • Support the socio-economic and cultural integration of immigrants;
  • Organize activities that bring people closer together and value their potential in an inclusive society.


  • Contributing to social and economic innovation in Canada in order to build new bridges between society, employers, immigrants and various stakeholders in education, culture, research and international affairs.


  • Mutual respect of differences;
  • Valuing each culture and pluralism;
  • Dialogue, sharing, teamwork, and partnership;
  • Solidarity, fairness, and respect for our environment.

Our projects

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Actions interculturelles est là pour vous aider à trouver rapidement un emploi au Québec ou en Ontario. Que ce soit pour lancer votre carrière ou pour intégrer le marché du travail au Canada, notre équipe vous offre un accompagnement personnalisé et gratuit à toutes les étapes de votre recherche d’emploi. Inscrivez-vous à notre infolettre!