Employment services

The Actions Interculturelles Canada employment service offers a variety of services to help you quickly find a job. Our employment counselors will walk you through all the steps related to your job search: writing your resume, preparing for job interviews, starting and maintaining employment.


  • Provide you with a personalized service;
  • Help you in your job search;
  • Accompany you as you define your professional profile and career goals;
  • Support your continuity of employment;
  • Offer you the needed support and tools to be successful (resume writing and job interview preparation);
  • Collaborate with you to create a winning combination between your professional expectations and a company.

Every week, our team receives new requests; ask to meet one of our counselor’s who will help you find the job you are searching for.


Mon avenir j’y travaille project

The new project Mon avenir, j’y travaille offers 200 young people in six provinces (Québec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Alberta) a rewarding experience to build self-awareness. The project offers workshops in skills improvement, networking, work experience and mentoring. It helps young people reduce barriers to employment, recover the motivation to work, make the transition from school to the job market and acquire initial work experience that is supervised and monitored.

Eligibility criteria
      • Be between 15 and 30 years old at the beginning of the work experience;
      • Be legally allowed to work in Canada;
      • Be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident or have refugee status in Canada;
      • Be underemployed, meaning employed below their level of education or working part time.

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Actions interculturelles est là pour vous aider à trouver rapidement un emploi au Québec ou en Ontario. Que ce soit pour lancer votre carrière ou pour intégrer le marché du travail au Canada, notre équipe vous offre un accompagnement personnalisé et gratuit à toutes les étapes de votre recherche d’emploi. Inscrivez-vous à notre infolettre!