Mon avenir j’y travaille project

The new project Mon avenir, j’y travaille offers 200 young people in six provinces (Québec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Alberta) a rewarding experience to build self-awareness. The project offers workshops in skills improvement, networking, work experience and mentoring. It helps young people reduce barriers to employment, recover the motivation to work, make the transition from school to the job market and acquire initial work experience that is supervised and monitored.

Objectives of the Mon avenir j’y travaille project
  • To support skills development in those under 30 who are looking for a job;
  • The project is for businesses regardless of their sector of activity. It also supports organizations that want to develop in their sector of activity.
  • Offer support in the form of a wage subsidy for employers who offer candidates job opportunities that will give them the experience they need and contribute to their professional development.
Businesses eligible for the program

Eligible employers are for-profit and non-profit organizations with 500 or fewer employees with legal status in Canada that offer jobs that improve the living conditions of young candidates.

The jobs offered must allow candidates to develop their skills as, for example:

  1. customer service representatives
  2. warehouse clerks
  3. labourers
  4. accounting clerks
Employer obligations and eligibility
The employer is responsible for recruiting and hiring candidates. The employer must advertise internships outside the company, and the selection process must be fair, open and transparent. Employment equity should be considered in the hiring process to make up for representation disparities among groups targeted by employment equity: women, Indigenous people, racialized people, people with a disability and official language minorities.

The employer needs to show that it:

  • can provide legitimate employment opportunities that reflect the candidate’s ambitions;
  • has appropriate administrative support and the ability to train, orient and supervise participants to improve and optimize their experience;
  • will help candidates plan and execute professional activities that will make for a worthwhile internship.

The employer will be responsible for providing candidates equipment and office space as well as any protective equipment required.

Working with the candidate, the employer should create a skills development plan that will provide for a meaningful work experience and increase candidate employability.

Actions interculturelles will offer an advanced training program during business hours.

The employer should identify a mentor (who holds a responsible position internally without necessarily being the immediate supervisor, and who can listen and be empathetic) for each candidate.

The employer understands and agrees that to benefit from the program, support, training and follow-ups it will pay administrative fees of $500, to be billed at the beginning of the internship.

Wage subsidy
  • A maximum amount corresponding to 100% of the salary excluding social benefits.
  • The maximum contribution of the internship is $9 500.
  • The project ends by March 31, 2021. The employer is free to continue to employ the young person at its expense beyond the project end date. However, no reimbursement will be made for weeks of work after March 31, 2021.
Support from Actions interculturelles Canada
Actions interculturelles Canada offers ongoing support to young candidates and employers to respond to questions, challenges and concerns about the working environment and labour relations. An assessment of the match between the internship offered and the internship completed will be done in three phases: an initial assessment for the candidate and the supervisor/mentor, one mid-internship and one at the end of the mandate.

Application deadline: ongoing until all spots are filled

We recommend that employers send in their applications by November 30, 2020. We consider applications as they are received. If your company and your internship are eligible, a member of our team will contact you within five business days. We will make an announcement on our website once all available internships have been filled.

If you have questions, you can reach us by email:

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Témoignages sur nos projets

À l'égard de Jihane Rahmouni
Agente de projet REEE

Pour les nouveaux arrivants intéressés par le régime épargne et études des enfants, je recommande les séances d'informations avec Jihane Rahmouni!!!

Kenza de Windsor
en Ontario, mère d'un fils de 4 ans

À l'égard de Cyrille Koe Ngaipala
Agent de projet REEE

Ce fut un réel plaisir de t’avoir en séance avec nous aujourd’hui. Ton contenu est très intéressant et ta présence a su mettre à l’aise nos participants. Je suis très satisfaite du déroulement de cette séance d'information sur le REEE et merci pour ta compréhension et ta disponibilité.

Ce sera un plaisir de collaborer à nouveau,

Tamila Hachemi
Responsable des séances collectives
Accueil aux immigrants de l’est de Montréal (AIEM)

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